There are over 50 beaches in Eastern Prince Edward Island. Use our mobile app to find all these beaches and more! Each one has something unique to offer. Whether you are in the mood for a fun filled family day, or a romantic walk along the singing sands. 

Explore the wonders of the ocean shore, or sit back and relax while soaking up the hot sun. Eastern Prince Edward Island has a beach for every adventure. Ask us where our favorites are..

King’s Castle Prov. Park – 2km 
Red sand Walking/exploring beach Quiet, Playground, Facilities, nursery rhyme characters in the forest

Beach Point Beach – 7km 
Red Sand, Walking and swimming, Semi-busy,Short dunes, Excellent for children especially at low tide

Guernsey Cove 7km 
Red sand, Quiet, Ask why this is a special beach

McFarlines Beach 8km 
Red Sand, Beautiful beach exposed at low tide, great for quiet walks

Northumberland Provincial Parks & Beach – 20Kms 
Red sand, Walking/Swimming, Semi-busy, Facilities, Playground

Wood Islands Provincial Park & Beach – 24Kms 
Red sand, Quiet, Walking/exploring,Playground, BBQ Pits,Excellent for a scenic evening walk

Panmure Island Provincial Park – 28Kms 
White and red sand, High dunes,Walking/Swimming, Excellent for kids, Café, Facilities, Busy

Brudenell River Provincial Park & Beach – 31Kms 
Red sand, Busy, Walking/Swimming/Horseback Riding/Kayaking/Exploring, Playground, Facilities

Morrison’s Beach – 38Kms 
Red sand, Quite, Walking/Exploring, Tranquil

Parkers Beach – 40Kms 
Red Sand, Quiet, Scenic Views, Walking/Exploring

Sally’s Beach Provincial Park – 60Kms 
White sand, Kitchen Shelter, Walking/Hiking/Swimming/Exploring, Facilities, Semi-busy

Goose River Beach – 61Kms 
Red sand, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Quiet

Bay Fortune Beach – 62Kms 
Red sand, Semi-busy, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Excellent for kids

Crowbush Cove/Lakeside Beach – 63.5Kms 
White sand, Busy, Walking/Swimming/Horseback riding/Exploring, High Dunes, Excellent for children,Facilities

Savage Harbour Beach 65Kms 
Red sand, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Quiet, Excellent for children

Souris Beach Provincial Park – 67Kms 
Red sand, Semi Busy, Playground, Showers, Facilities, Canoe/kayak rentals, Walking/Swimming/Windsurfing

Little Harbour Beach 76Kms 
White sand, Scenic view of the Isle De La Madeleine Ferry, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Excellent for children, Semi-busy

Red Point Provincial Park and Beach – 80Kms 
Red sand, Busy, Playground, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Facilities

Basin Head Provincial Park & Beach – 81Kms 
White Singing sand, Busy, Dunes, Facilities, Walking/Swimming/Bridge jumping, Excellent for children of all ages

Greenwich P.E.I. National Park & Beach – 84Kms 
White sand, Dunes,, Daily Park Programs, Trails for hiking, biking, jogging, Learn about the beach at the interpretation centre, Walking/Swimming/exploring, Excellent for children, Facilities

Bothwell Beach – 84Kms 
White sand, Dunes, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Quiet

Campbell’s Cove Beach – 92Kms 
White sand, Quiet, Dunes, Hiking trails, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Facilities

North Lake Beach – 92Kms 
White sand, Dunes, Walking/Swimming/Exploring, Excellent for children, Semi-busy