Smoking Policies


Our property is Cannabis free.  Because we often have young children and underaged guests please respect our policy of No Smoking and/or vaping of Cannabis throughout our property. We thank you in advance for abiding by this policy.

Cigarette Smoking:

Cigarette smoking is not permitted in the cottages.  It is permitted in the screen porch provided that you keep the door to the cottage close to keep the smoke out.  Please be respectful of your cigarette butts and use the ashtray provided in the screened porch.  Please do not throw butts on the ground.

Any smoking in the cottage leaving smoke odours will result in additional cleaning charges.

Please help us to provide a clean environment for guest following you into the cottage.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation

Pet Policies

We are happy to welcome pets to our one and two bedroom cottages.  But we do have a few rules due to bad past experiences.  We love dogs and cats and want to provide pet friendly accommodation for your pet.  Pets like vacation too!  we only ask that you respect just a few things to make your stay and the stay of the next guest a pleasant one.

  1. Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds.  Please bring a sleeping blanket for your pet.
  2. Dogs are not allowed to be left alone in the cottage.  In strange places they tent to bark and disturb other guests.  If it is absolutely necessary please check with us first.
  3. Please pick up after your dog.  
  4. Please keep your dog on a leash.  Other dogs may be around, there are bunnies and foxes that we don't want them chasing, and some children are afraid of dogs.
  5. If your dog goes swimming in the lake make sure they are cleaned and dried before entering back into the cottage.
  6. If there is extra cleaning required as a result of your pet you will be charged a cleaning fee.